Crude Oil Price

Bi-Petro, Inc. Crude Oil Posting Price

Effective 03.05.15
$43.75 per Barrel
Today 03.06.15
To Be Determined

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Welcome to Bi-Petro, Inc.
We recognize that our future depends upon the success of the independent oil producer and because of this Bi-Petro is committed to providing unequaled service in our industry.
What's New
03.02.15 Average Monthly Posting Price
The Bi-Petro Average Monthly Posting Price for February, 2015 is $43.8482.

02.12.15 Operators-Final Statement of Farm Runs
The January, 2015 Final Statement of Farm Runs are available for viewing.

02.06.15 Operators-Preliminary Statement of Farm Runs
January, 2015 Preliminary Statement of Farm Runs have been posted to the web for you to view. As always, we are mailing the original statements.

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